PTI to Exhibit at Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show

Padget Technologies will be exhibiting at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show in Milwaukee, WI this October.  This will be PTI’s first appearance at the event and also marks the beginning of a new foray into the Wisconsin market.  We have a strong desire to reach out to our neighbors to the Northeast and the […]

A Story from Area 51

  This is not an alien or UFO article.  As fun as that would be, I’m not sure it would really fit in with the whole business model we have here.  So why tell a story from Area 51, here?  Well, we’re always talking about new technology and how it’s protected, intellectually that is.  As […]

The Secret Life of a Prototype

A Prototype is a Passion Prototypes are interesting business.  We’ve done so many of them here at PTI that it has become old hat.  Big prototypes, small prototypes, complex prototypes, simple prototypes, the list really goes on.  I tend to think that it is a pretty misunderstood market as many people hear the word “prototype” and […]

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