Introducing Padget Technologies' On-Site Robotic Demo Cell! PTI now has a Kawasaki 6-axis robotic arm on display at our facility in Cedar Falls, IA.  We are welcoming our current and potential customers to visit our facility to see this new addition and get up close and personal with a heavy-duty industrial robot.  No matter your [...]
Automating your operation can be an intimidating task.  With so many options for technology out there, it can be difficult to decide the best way to accomplish your goals.  It's easy enough to say that we offer vision systems, laser systems, safety systems, and trace-ability, but one often still ends up asking how that all [...]
Test Stands, Inspection, and Custom Machines
Test Stands Depending on your business, testing off-site might not be an option.  Changes in customer demands, increases in output, and other mitigating factors can drive the need for in-house testing.  In-house testing lends a lot of credibility to your company.  There's a certain pride that comes from being able to say that you handle [...]
Design and Engineering Services
Project Based Padget Technologies offers design and engineering services for several industries.  Specializing in mechanical engineering and design, over services cover a broad range of needs and are available for hire.  Some areas where Padget Technologies offers design services include: New product design Test stand design Custom equipment design Production cell design Prototype design Component [...]
Fixture Design and Fabrication PTI offers fixture design and fabrication for a variety of applications.  Our team can concept, design, and fabricate fixtures starting in a 3D model or a cocktail napkin. Design and Fabrication of: Weld Fixtures Machining and Workholding Fixtures Assembly Fixtures Lifting Fixtures and Devices Material Handling Fixtures Racks and Carts Trunions [...]
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