Design and Engineering Services
Project Based Padget Technologies offers design and engineering services for several industries.  Specializing in mechanical engineering and design, over services cover a broad range of needs and are available for hire.  Some areas where Padget Technologies offers design services include: New product design Test stand design Custom equipment design Production cell design Prototype design Component [...]
Automating your operation can be an intimidating task.  With so many options for technology out there, it can be difficult to decide the best way to accomplish your goals.  It's easy enough to say that we offer vision systems, laser systems, safety systems, and trace-ability, but one often still ends up asking how that all [...]
For over 30 years, PTI has been providing the manufacturing industry with custom engineered machinery and equipment.  Taking the next step to being a full service automation solution was an easy decision.  PTI now offers full service robotics integration and automation services.  From project evaluation to robot selection, installation, and programming, PTI does it all. [...]
Custom Machines, Fixtures, and Test Stands
Custom Machinery Sometimes your needs are unique enough that you can’t just pull something off the shelf to get the job done.  That’s where we come in.  With our highly skilled staff and broad range of fabrication ability, we can produce custom equipment to meet almost any need.  Sometimes it’s as simple piece you can [...]
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