Below are some projects that we have completed at Padget Technologies.  This is just a small sampling of the over 3,000 projects that we have completed in our 30+ year history.  As many of our clients prefer to keep their projects confidential, many of our most interesting projects are not available for display.  We have tried to offer a broad display of abilities here with the material that we are able to show.  If you don’t see an example of what you are looking for, don’t let that fool you, we may very well have experience in exactly what you’re looking for.

Fixtures – Weld, Assembly, Lifting, Etc.
Test Stands and Custom Machines

High-Speed Inspection Machine – Vision System

Constructed for a high-volume manufacturer, this machine uses a vision system to inspect parts for features and conformity at a rate of one every two seconds. Conforming material proceeds through the line, non-conforming material is kicked into a holding cage.  The gravity feed feature of this machine was specifically requested by the customer.  All the design, build, and programming for this machine was done by Padget Technologies.

Automated Drilling Machine

This machine was designed and built by Padget Technologies to replace a machine that had grown obsolete and unreliable.  The machine’s drilling mechanism was updated as well as the infeed and outfeed apparatus.  This allowed for faster drill time, more accurate machining, and increased output.  The setup of the new machine was designed in a modular fashion so that switching to different sizes was fast and easy.  The machine is made from standard parts to keep maintenance easy and as low costs as possible.

High-Speed Soil Sampler

These machines were custom designed and fabricated to sample soil continuously at speeds of up to 20 mph. The unit is pulled behind a tractor while a probe travels with the tracks, penetrating the ground and gathering a soil sample as the track rotates. The sample is then dumped into a small analysis chamber where data is recorded. This process is continued as many times as necessary throughout the test site.

Active Seat Test Stand

This display platform was specially created to demonstrate differences between the Active Seat and standard air suspension seats. The user to the left is in an active seat that compensates for impact and turbulence.  The user to the right is in a classic shock-absorbing seat.  This test was meant to simulate conditions in a construction or agricultural environment and show how severe the results can be to an operator.  Padget Technologies designed and built this test stand to be used as a demonstration unit for trade shows and also for proof of concept.

Hi-Pot Test Bench

This bench was designed and built by Padget Technologies for a large electric motor manufacturer.  The bench shields the operator from malfunctions while testing for proper electricity flow.  Currently, the unit tests over 200 motors per day.

Bail Net Cutting Machine

This machine was designed and built by Padget Technologies for cutting the bailing on round and rectangular hay bails.  After the bail passes over a blade that cuts the netting. two rollers will lift a round  bail and pull the netting out from underneath it.  This process is skipped on a rectangular bail.  Then the bail is brought further downstream where a spear lifts the netting or twin and swings it outside of the unit for disposal.  The machine is running at test speed in this demonstration.  

Hydraulic Load Test

This bench test and bench was done to determine the strength of a newly designed bracket for a client.  The hydraulic arm and ram are exerting an extreme amount of weight on the bracket, even to the point of deflecting the 1″ thick steel plate that it is mounted on.  This is just one example of many tests we perform here at Padget Technologies.

Steam Weed Killer

This prototype was designed and built by Padget Technologies for the purpose of testing steam as an effective weed control agent.  The unit is powered by propane and is designed to be attached to a tractor and pulled through the applicable crop field.  The theory has primary applications in organic farming and other methods that wish to reduce chemical usage in food production.

Polymer Injection Machine

This machine is designed to distribute a polymer into the soil allowing for the reduction of water usage.  Specifically designed for turf applications, testing of the unit has revealed an energy savings of nearly 30% as the pumps that are used to water large areas are needed far less when the polymer has been injected into the soil.  

Safety Drop Test

This test shows a 500 lb. steel billet being dropped from our ceiling onto the top of a cab.  We also had a high-speed camera in place that was recording the fluctuation of the material during impact.  The data was used to analyze safety factors in current equipment.